All Aboard the Alaska Train


Toot toot! Come aboard the Alaska Train for a rollicking rhyming adventure with Alaska’s favorite animals!

Five shiny train cars roll down the railroad track, picking up passengers along the way—a porcupine, grizzly bear, caribou, and more. Soon the cars are packed, but now the train must go up a tall mountain. Will the Alaska Train reach its destination?

All Aboard the Alaska Train takes you on a rumbling journey as you zoom across the tracks and meet some of the state’s most famous animal residents. Included at the back is a glossary of the parts of a train, plus more information about the famous Alaska Train and a map of its route.

Illustrated by John Joseph
West Margin Press, April 2023

Author Signed: $18.00

All Aboard the Alaska Train, By Brooke A. Hartman
All Aboard the Alaska Train