Coming Fall 2021!

Children's book Klyde the Kraken Wants a Friend by Brooke Hartmann and illustrated by Katy Halford
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Wants a Friend

Illustrated by Katy Halford
Coming Fall 2021 from Innovation Press

Klyde the Kraken can only think of one way to make a friend: by hugging them, of course! But hugging every sea creature in sight only leaves him swimming alone. When something he’s never seen before appears on the horizon, Klyde is determined to give his hugs one last try. After a rough introduction, some new mateys show him that there are lots of ways to show friendship.

How do you make a kraken laugh?

You give it ten-tickles.

Why did the kraken cross the road?

To get to the other tide.

What kind of couch does a kraken use?

A suctional.